Independently Published Middle Grades Books: Coming soon to a blog near you

It’s been a long time since I blogged a book. Heck, it’s been a long time since I read new kid lit. I miss it. So when my friend Donovan told me there is a shortage of bloggers focusing on self-published middle grades fiction, I almost jumped at the chance to fill that void. We were in public; jumping would have drawn questioning looks.

While I promise you honesty, you’re not going to see any negative reviews on this blog. My mission is to introduce you to books that should be a part of your collection, whether that is a bookshelf in your home or you oversee the children’s section of a public library. None of us benefit when I highlight a new author trying to make a name for themselves just to tarnish that name. If I can’t recommend a book, I’ll feature something else.

I can generally tell when what is good and what I like don’t perfectly overlap and will do my best to account for different personal tastes. That being said, I avoid books that are best when read in a high pitched sing-songy voice where the parents save the day and there’s a nice little moral at the end. I’m not against parents. I am a parent. I totally respect Sally Jackson and Fancy Nancy’s parents. They know that we adults exist to give our kiddos the tools they need to make their own way in the world. Books that inspire our kids to explore their passions and expand their horizons are an important part of that toolbox.

I’m super excited about this journey and hope you’ll follow along. If you like what I’m doing and know any children’s librarians, please point them toward this blog. If you are a librarian, leave a comment and let me know. I’ll turn pink with joy.


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