The Witch With The Glitch by Adam Maxwell

The third book in the Lost Bookshop series, The Witch With The Glitch finds Ivy, Nina and Oswald in a fairy tale. Their adventure includes a witch in a candy house whose spells are going awry, an angry mob carrying pillows and feather dusters, and a less than competent Van Helsing. An errant spell turns our young adventurers into a ghost, vampire and werewolf. Can they find the kidnapped Izzy and bring her to the witch before midnight so they can be returned to their true selves?

The Lost Bookshop series is written for early independent readers. The main characters have more agency than is common in books at this level, making it a good choice for older kids who are slow readers. Serious issues are presented in a lighthearted way which may concern some adult readers who want books to present lessons the kids can use in their lives, but this is unlikely to be a concern for the kids who are the target market. The main lesson in The Witch with the Glitch is imaginative play is fun.

The Witch with the Glitch is loads of fun and keeps the reader wanting more. The fast-paced, short chapters make it an excellent choice for reading aloud at bedtime. The mini cliffhangers at the end of each chapter will encourage children to finish the book under the covers with a flashlight after lights out.

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All books can be purchased through Amazon by clicking on their images.


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