Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest Episode 1: The Quest for Screen Time by Marti Dumas

Jaden Toussaint spent 10 glorious minutes on his father’s cell phone and now he wants more. JT starts a campaign to get more screen time, with his kindergarten teacher an unknowing accomplice in his scheme. Using a combination of scientific analysis, ingenuity and ninja dancing, will Jaden Toussaint be able to achieve his goal?

Marketers may find this book problematic because it’s above the level of most entry novels, but the protagonist is in kindergarten, making it difficult to define a target audience. Families who love reading will ignore the marketers’ dilemma and enjoy a well told story. The lively text makes it fun to read aloud, but be certain everyone can see the illustrations by Marie Muravski. It is possible to miss the tone and meaning without them. This book may best be enjoyed by precocious readers with an advanced sense of humor who share Jaden Toussaint’s outrage at the lack of homework in kindergarten.

I loved this book and read it out loud to my family. My teenagers rolled their eyes. How could they take a book seriously when the main character wanted homework? No one wants homework. My kids clearly don’t remember creating their own homework assignments at that age. But even they admitted that despite the unbelievable premise, the book was lots of fun. The only concern is that the pictures don’t always line up properly with the text in the Kindle version so it is best to get a hard copy if you can.

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All books can be purchased through Amazon by clicking on their images.

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