Yaakov the Pirate Hunter by Nathaniel Wyckoff

In this near future adventure Yaakov Peretz, his family and their collection of robot helpers travel to the island of Djerba to keep the world’s oldest Torah scroll from being stolen by pirates. If this sounds like the plot for Raiders of the Lost Ark, you’re not far off. However, set in the year 2025, the book appeals to scientists and inventors as much as is does to historians.

Yaakov the Pirate Hunter is one of those rare books that is written at a middle school level but appropriate to younger children, making it an excellent choice for kids who read above their grade level. Its focus on Jewish history and customs may be interesting to a child preparing for their bar/bat mitzvah to help develop a greater sense of Jewish identity in the modern world. With an exciting story line, it is accessible to a broad audience and parents of any faith will appreciate the focus on values.

The nerd in me loved this book. The author gave us a glimpse of the future of graphene technology, the history and culture of the Jewish people, and robots. While the writing may be a little dry in places for reluctant readers, many will quickly become immersed in the story and wonder when they will be able to own the same devices as the Peretz family.

Follow the continuing adventures of Yaakov Peretz and his family:

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