Blade of the Sea: Book 1 by Jesse Nethermind

Trish longs for something more adventurous than hunting chickens in her small village. So when a mysterious stranger arrives with a harrowing tale, she jumps at the chance to help. Learning that things aren’t always what they seem, Trish embarks on an adventure to keep the dangerous Blade of the Sea out of the hands of the power hungry Carmine and his group of bandits, Roger, Mac and Chiese. But can a lowly villager be a hero as great as the legendary Steve?

This book will appeal to Minecrafters and punsters of all ages but is geared toward seven to eleven year olds. It’s filled with Minecraft references that might seem strange to readers not familiar with the game. It’s universal appeal makes it a great choice for older children and teens who read at an elementary level while still being appropriate for reading aloud to young children.

My entire Minecraft experience consists of building a house on a hill with a garden. I found survival mode too scary. But that little bit was enough for me to understand most of the references in the book. I’m sure some went over my head but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.  This book was a lot of fun and while it stood nicely on its own, your young readers will likely want the rest of the series. With a main character who exemplifies bravery, ingenuity and perseverance, without ever being even a tiny bit preachy, parents will be happy to oblige their kids and buy it.

For the entire Blade of the Sea series:

All books can be purchased through Amazon by clicking on their images.

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