Ifflepinn Island by Muz Murray

In Ifflepinn Island, Iffleplum, also known as Plumkin, loses his elfin heart (the true heart, not the machine that pumps blood) because he is not careful with it. The story follows his quest to regain his heart which brings him into contact with various peoples from other parts of his world and some from other realms. Learning that he is considered to be a mythical creature and subject of a prophesy, Iffleplum attracts a great deal of attention with many folks trying to influence world events for better or for worse, or sometimes just for their own personal gain.

Ifflepinn Island is “a read aloud fantasy… for green growing children and evergreen adults,” which is a fair description of the target audience. The style, based on great children’s literature of a century ago combined with the rhythm and whimsy of Dr. Seuss, may be difficult for readers unused to the formal tone or who struggle with unfamiliar words. It’s an excellent choice for your fourth grader who reads at an eighth grade level for whom there are incredibly few books that are both challenging and appropriate. Written and beautifully illustrated by yoga master Muz Murray, Ifflepin Island is a philosophical story and some may find it challenging to their world-view. But then, that’s what philosophy is supposed to do.

Sometimes the right book finds you at the right time. Ifflepinn Island is one of those books for me. Designed to be read aloud at family reading time, it suits my dramatic style of reading (yes, even when reading silently in my own head) and I found it loads of fun. Being a philosophical story, it is a great read for young people developing their world view or those older among us who are willing to be challenged in our thoughts. It guides us to be thoughtful with ourselves and with others, judging only those who set out with the goal to do harm.

You can find this book or CD on the author’s own website MuzMurray.com

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